If professional photography requires a measured balance of artistic ability and technical craft, Robert Latorre towers as a contemporary master of the medium. Even as he effortlessly weaves the fundamentals of photographic technique into flawlessly rich mise-en-scenes, it's his singular and almost preternatural vision that has become Latorre's trademark. Unlike so many others whose technique is akin to throwing handfuls of spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks, Latorre cracks apart time from space and calculates the precise images he wants to capture from any scene. From the deceptively warm colors of Central Park in winter to explosive cross-stream charge of a mounted cowboy, Latorre's images are unfiltered, undoctored, and display an unwavering eye for photographic Moment. He views the world around him in terms of composition: perspective, light, shadow , colors, shapes, things most of take for granted. The result is great craft and great art.